Sadguru Public School was born out of the ideology that children must be given an environment that makes them want to come to school every day. The schools, which were founded in 2006 by Shri R.P. Sharma, follow her personal principle of promoting individuality through value-based education which promotes a global outlook yet retains intrinsic Indian cultural traditions. Her guidance has also led Sadguru Public Schools to lay great emphasis on inclusiveness.


We believe that education is not only a tool to achieve professional milestones, but also a means to make lives better. This belief is practiced by every member of the Sadguru Public Schools. We consider every student to be unique and strive to offer a platform that lets them discover their own special light, at their own pace.


Our aim is not just to create another face in the crowd but to nurture each student into developing a personality which has the resolve to do the nation proud. Love, tolerance, brotherhood, humanism, patriotism, sensitivity to the environment, rationalism, courage to bear life’s contingencies and to take up cudgels on behalf of the underprivileged are the hallmarks of our students. SPS endeavors to provide not just pedantic learning but a genuine and holistic education in a stress-free environment where students inculcate a spirit of inquiry. We not only train them to find challenging careers but also to face the complexities of life


– Education for awakening forms the aim of the Sadguru Public School.
– Education, as Sadguru Public School believes, is not confined to the only assimilation of knowledge. Education should be a collective effort to create a better tomorrow.
– Knowledge without purpose and Education without aim are useless.
– Sadguru Public School stresses the need for meaningful education, with the strength of integration.
– Education forms a thinking process.
– Education that influences a behavior pattern.
– Education that inspires a noble action.
Education that leads to a contribution to betterment.
– Education that lightens a path.
– Education that stays even after one’s being.
– Education that remains forever.