Our earnest attempt is to make a child’s first step out of his home a happy, enriching and rewarding experiences, giving priority that the brain power is balanced with physical, emotional intellectual and social well-being if a child is truly to flourish in the pursuit of excellence through its commitment of ‘‘ service before self’’.

SADGURU PUBLIC SCHOOL embodies and epitomizes the spirit of excellence rooted in the rich Indian cultural heritage and traditions. We prepare leaders for the times to come- with an astute vision and a compassionate sensibility. Our effort is to draw upon the centuries gone by to lay the foundations for the many to come.
SADGURU PUBLIC SCHOOL channelizes its efforts to shape its scholars in the mettle that can withstand the tests of time. We, at this school, have our sights firmly fixed to raise a generation of citizens who lead fulfilling lives – both professional and personal.

We provide them with stage exposure so that child can perform with their best abilities. We are taking utmost care and understanding the need of every child and giving them an environment to learn and grow systematically. As the name suggests, it has everything from A to Z and you would really like to enroll your kids.

SADGURU PUBLIC SCHOOL is a co-educational Senior Secondary school, affiliated to CBSE. The school programme is designed to equip the scholar to face the challenges of the changing times. Our efforts are to make learning an enjoyable experience along with being an instructive one. Our rewards, that fuel our engines, are the glowing faces of our youngsters when they achieve the pinnacles of success.